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Jane Latham, The Family Business Lawyer


I have 20 years’ experience helping family owned SME’s.  A 20-year track record of creating the right solutions to keep the family and the family business secure now and for the future.

I advise on legal solutions for family owned businesses that work for the family and also enable the business to prosper

My approach is to work hard to understand the family dynamic, wheedle out or pre-empt the issues which affect even the closest and best run family owned businesses.  I know that families need a pragmatic-what-works-for- your-family-business- approach.  And that is my goal.

These are some of the ways I can help:



This is what my clients say:

“Jane provided clear and understandable advice from the outset. She covered the options using straight forward language and laid down the factors that needed to be considered. I was delighted with Jane’s work.”

Alex Marson

Marson & Sons

“Jane was brilliant, she was good to work with and great at pushing back to make sure that I didn’t accept anything that may be detrimental to me in the future. Great professional, would definitely recommend her. Thanks Jane”

Edward Serrano

Yoga London Limited

“I was recommended to contact Jane as I needed a contract tailored specifically to our needs.  Jane took the time to understand our business. She has a great eye for detail and I feel very confident in recommending her services.”

Justin Folker

Ninepoint & Unique Poster

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My approach is to work hard to understand the family dynamic, wheedle out or pre-empt the issues which affect even the closest and best run family owned businesses. Follow me on social media to read more…