Family business & your pension

How will you ensure that you have a pension from your family business and look after the family so that everything is fair?

Will you sell to an outside/third party?

Will you hand over the day to day running of the business to family but retain ownership? Or will you hand over ownership when you retire – if so, how can you ensure that you receive an income from the business and that the business is property cared for?

If this is something of concern to you then pick up the phone and give me a call. There are numerous ways these thorny issues can be tackled –solutions that enable you to secure your nest egg and do the right thing by your family & your business.

“Jane provided clear and understandable advice from the outset. She covered the options using straight forward language and laid down the factors that needed to be considered. I was delighted with Jane’s work.”

Alex Marson

Marson & Sons

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