Family working in the family business

Family. Business. Two words, two different meanings. Family is an emotive word. Business is about profit.

Does the emotion of your family’s business fit with making a profit? Does family emotion get in the way of running the business or worse does running the family business become an emotional family issue?

If issues relating to roles, ownership, level of involvement in the business, just rewards and indeed fairness for all the family are not resolved these will bubble, and it is a characteristic of family businesses that these issues only come to light when things start to go pear shaped.

Emotion does cloud judgement in family businesses and you need to make sure that everything is in place with 3rd party objective person helping you – give me a call and we can talk about ways to ensure that your family and your family business work: now and for the future.


“Jane was brilliant, she was good to work with and great at pushing back to make sure that I didn’t accept anything that may be detrimental to me in the future. Great professional, would definitely recommend her. Thanks Jane”

Edward Serrano

Yoga London Limited

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