Help your clients.

Attract new clients.

Marketing Support

We have some great marketing material, see example, which you can use – either ‘as is’ or adapted by you as you wish or we can ‘badge it’ for you with your name and branding/logo.

We have other marketing materials including specimen letters, fact sheets or draft e mails which you are free to use: using your branding or ours, up to you.

All the marketing information conveys to your clients the importance of having a Shareholders Agreement and how you can help them get a value for money drafted- by- a- lawyer Shareholders Agreement

Touch Points with your Client

By reaching out to your clients you will have more ‘touch points’ further cementing client relationships:
  • Touch Point 1

    Send the letter or e mail to your client that sets out the value and importance of a Shareholders Agreement, how it can save future angst and business disruption; also that the cost are transparent. We have templates.

  • Touch point 2

    Have a meeting or a call with your client to go through the Shareholders Agreement questionnaire. This might give you even more insight into their business and lead to your client wanting other services as you talk through the issues the business is facing: payroll, bookkeeping, monthly business health check, management accounts, ongoing business advice etc.

  • Touch point 3 and 4

    You will see these when you complete the questionnaire! We think these ideas will generate further revenue for your firm.

  • Touch point 5

    We, in our legal capacity, will take over once the questionnaire is completed by you and we will let you know when the Shareholders Agreement is completed – at this point, you might want to contact your client to check they are happy with everything.

  • Value and Transparency for your Client

    Our fee is transparent for your client, so no mounting costs unless the client has more complex requirements – but even then we can ‘bolt on’ addons at a set and realistic price: ‘bolt ons’ start at £100.

  • Fees

    Any fee arrangement you have with your client for your assistance in completing the questionnaire is personal to you.