Family-run businesses have special challenges that need special expertise

I’m Jane Latham, the family business lawyer, and I have a 20-year track record of creating the right solutions to keep the family and the family business secure


How I Help Family Businesses

Business Contracts & Trading Agreements

When things go wrong it can get messy, very stressful and highly distracting for the business both in time and money and can even be seriously damaging…

Husband and Wife in the Business

Husband and wife businesses can be very successful but whilst your shared passion for the business is a powerful driver your personal relationship will affect…

Business & Share Sales & Purchases

If you are thinking of selling or buying part or all of your business, you might be looking around for a business lawyer to help or you might just want…

Passing the family business to your Children

When you have worked hard to build the family business you will want to be ensure that you pass on the business in the most secure way to protect your children’s…

Shareholders & Partnership Agreements

Getting the ‘what if’s’ documented will flush out issues and create a mutual understanding between you, your business partners, other shareholders and family…

Letting go of the Family Business/Time to Retire

One of the biggest struggles for a family business owner is knowing when and how to start letting go.  Is this you: You don’t have a clear plan to extricate…

This is what my clients say:

“Thank you for your advice again – I have a clear understanding of what I am signing and your advice helped smooth the transaction to a speedy conclusion.”

Simon Dinnage

“Jane you have been so on top of things, so committed to ensuring I get the best contract(s) possible, you’ve worked weekends/evenings…I can go on! I’m deeply grateful for your help with this transaction.”

Edward Serrano

Thank you for excellent service in connection with the sale of my Business. You were approachable & straight to the point, whilst also listening to my concerns.  Recommended to anyone requiring similar advice.

Jim Paul FRICS

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My latest blog posts:

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Sad Sally

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