Husband & wife in business

Husband and wife businesses can be very successful but whilst your shared passion for the business is a powerful driver your personal relationship will affect the business and not always in a positive way. Ask yourself what if:

  • you do not agree on key business issues?
  • one of you wants out of the business?
  • step children are affected on an emotional or financial?
  • your personal relationship does not stay the course?
  • your goals for the business differ?
  • if there is transfer of ownership/part ownership?

This is not planning for your relationship to fail personally or at a business level – in fact the converse – you will be putting stress on both your business and personal relationship if there are misunderstandings tensions and a feeling that there are no go areas of discussion.

Making it work in a husband & wife business

Divorce & the family business

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It is crucial that issues do not fester or that you simply just hope that problems will not arise. Emotion and business do not become knotted in a family businesses and not in a good way for either the family or the business.

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