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How I Help Family Businesses

Protecting Your Business for you and for Your Family

If you have family and a business, you are a family owned business. Whether or not other family members are directly involved in the business and whether are not you are in business with a non-family member. The point is, what happens in your business has a direct impact on your family. What happens in your family has a direct impact on your busine


Understanding how family businesses tick

Family businesses are different to other businesses. Each family has its own dynamic, personality and values indelibly etched into the way it interacts with the business, its employees, and its community. Family businesses can often be quirky, or conversely, be traditional, rooted in an ethos established over years, or in some cases, generations. T


Harmony & Security for Family Owned Businesses

Transparency, security and fairness you would think are a given in family businesses they are not.  In fact, there are more ‘principles’ that are more ‘vulnerable’ than in any other business sector. If you are the founder: Don’t jeopardise your children’s future. If you are working in the family business for mum or dad or with your sister or b


Business owners working together in harmony

Every business owner in business with someone else should have mechanisms in place to ensure that their fellow shareholder/business partner does not go off on a frolic of their own, making inappropriate decisions or acting beyond the parameters on matters on which you ‘thought’ you had an understanding. You will know that it matters not how well ho


Shareholders Agreements

Running a business is hard work and sometimes precarious. Some business owners make the fatal mistake of making the business unnecessarily precarious. Every business owner in business with another person (related or not) should have in place a shareholders’ agreement (or partnership agreement if appropriate). No business owner should find himself i


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