Passing the family business to your children

When you have worked hard to build the family business you will want to be ensure that you pass on the business in the most secure way to protect your children’s future and what is best for the stability and future growth of the business.

You don’t want the family to fall out after you have passed on the business whether in your lifetime or after you have left this earth. You need the process to be fair, transparent, secure.

If not enough care is taken to build the right workable framework for the business both on a working level (who does what in the business, if anything) nor crucially addressing the issue in relation to the wider family – children of the siblings and in laws then friction will at some point arise.

“Jane provided clear and understandable advice from the outset. She covered the options using straight forward language and laid down the factors that needed to be considered. I was delighted with Jane’s work.”

Alex Marson

Marson & Sons

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