People eh?  Shareholders together in business have different personalities.  Different pressures in their lives.   Different work ethic.  Different propensity for risk taking.   Even different long term plans for the business (that will definitely be a tricky dilemma at some point…).  Future threats to the health of a shareholder working full time in the business and which could affect their capacity to contribute to the business – imagine what a drain that could be or the implications for the shareholder who suffers long term illness and needs to sell his shares. 

Such differences, one way or another, will arise in the life of a business and could (and frequently do) tear apart the working relationship between the shareholders, damage the business and put enormous strain on the shareholders’ and their families UNLESS there is a fallback position giving a route through the problem and enabling the shareholders to deal with the situation.   

Worryingly these scenarios, with resultant rapid breakdown in shareholder relations – such that they are unable to arrive at a sensible and speedy resolution – are far, far more common than many business owners think.  Even the savviest business owners can be blind to the chaos that might be just round the corner.   After all, stuff happens.   

The problem will boil down to trying to agree a way out of the mess with each shareholder wanting a different solution unless there is a ‘this-is-what-we-agreed’ fallback solution. 

Yet, the fallback solution is so easy: a shareholders’ agreement with a pre agreed fair plan for dealing with such life events.  Without this the shareholders can be stuck in a business wrecking cycle and the pressures on the business, the business owners and their families can utterly be soul destroying.   

It’s madness. – all for want of a shareholders’ agreement…  

Secure the Business

You need to make sure that the necessary processes are in place to deal with the ‘what ifs’ in life and business.   It is essential to have clarity and the proper protections in place for you, your family and your business – a process that falls into place when the ‘what ifs’ happen.

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